Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Gifts

by Sister J:
After church, as I was putting the nursery toys away, I saw S.P. walking down the hall. She had candy from the Bishop’s office in her hand as she greeted me with a huge smile. I hugged her and asked her if she was excited for Christmas. She said that she was and she was looking forward to getting presents. I agreed with her that it was fun to get presents at Christmas. As she followed me into the nursery classroom, she said, “S., Christmas is Jesus’ birthday and WE get the presents!” It took me a few minutes to fully comprehend what she said. I am thankful for the wisdom of a 5 year old. This Christmas I hope each and every one of you remember how blessed you are because Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ gave US all the presents. May your hearts truly rejoice during this wonderful holiday season.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Dear Parents of Primary Children –

For our January 10th Primary Activity, we plan to decorate pillowcases to go along with our new 2009 Primary Theme.
If you happen to have a cotton pillowcase that is light colored (or white) and you would be willing to let your child decorate it, we ask that you have them bring it to Primary before the end of the year. (We will be sure to label it with their name so they come home from the Primary Activity with their same pillowcase.)
If you don’t have a pillowcase like that, please don’t worry or go purchase one! We’ll definitely have one for each child at the activity.
Thank you,
The Primary Presidency

January 10th - Primary Activity

Sleep walk to our Fairfield Primary Pajama Activity

•See what you can learn about your [new] teacher by taking a look inside their pillowcase!
• Make a craft to take home and sleep with (or sleep on)!
• Don’t let the bed bugs get you with our fun tag game!
• Don’t forget to come in your PJ’s and slippers!

Saturday, January 10th
9:30 to 11am
at the church
*Pancakes with runny syrup will be served

**Parents of our new 2009 Sunbeams: We ask that a parent please attend this activity with your child. Thanks!