Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We need pennies in our jar!

In Primary this year, we are adding pennies to a jar for each time the kids bring their scriptures to church. The pennies will be used to purchase Book of Mormon's and send to children in need. Our penny jar is looking pretty skimpy so far and so a few extra ways for the kids to earn pennies for our jar has been added.
The children were told this week that each time they bring their Faith In God books on Wednesday nights, that will earn a penny for the jar. Another way to earn pennies for our jar is to bring their Scout books with them on Wednesday nights. So each boy could earn two extra pennies per week if they bring both of their books. Each girl - 2 pennies per month.
This will not only help us to add pennies to our jar, but it also helps your Den leaders, Scout leaders and Activity Day leaders out by having their books available to sign things off as needed!

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